Nature Photography Workshop

June 10, 2016

Learn how to take better outdoor photographs!

Join a retired park naturalist and certified professional photographer to learn how to take your photography to a higher level.  Class is sponsored by the Craters of the Moon Natural History Association and will be held at Craters of the Moon.  Cost for the two-day class is $50 ($40 for Association members).  All of the fee is going into an account to assist schools with travel expenses for visiting the park.  Reservations are required and class is limited to 15; call 527-1360 to make a reservation.

Classroom session is Friday afternoon June 10th from 1 to 5 PM followed by optional going out to dinner together in Arco.  Learn to take creative control of your pictures by using the features of your camera.  Get it right in the camera, learn about how to use simple techniques, methods, and equipment to get better pictures in the camera rather than trying to fix it later on the computer.  You will also be learning naturalist skills, ethics, and field craft that will improve your success rate in nature photography while protecting the environment.  Saturday the 11th will be a series of field session using and practicing the techniques and methods learned while photographing out in the park in multiple venues.